Simple Treatment Rust Colored Rugs

Rust Colored Rugs Shaggy

Rust Colored Rugs – The carpet is still successful: easy to install, comfortable, it nevertheless has the disadvantage of being less easy to clean, and requires, ideally, regular maintenance. But frankly, who takes the trouble to wash his carpet thoroughly every year? And yet, a thorough cleaning at a reasonable frequency is strongly advocated, because of the awareness of dust mites that the carpet can cause if it is allowed to “get infected”.

Indeed it is a coating that, like any textile support (sofa, etc.) takes up a lot of dust and is an ideal nest for these microscopic inhabitants, creating an environment conducive to the development of allergies, which themselves can go on to cause asthma. In addition to the aesthetic interest of leaching its rust colored rugs, because it, especially clear, also has the defect to be messy, so think of cleaning with appropriate products that will eradicate mites and prevent them do not return as quickly as they will have disappeared: first, dusting is necessary every week, as for the rest of the house.

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Steam cleaning and leaching can (and should!) Be done every month. For stubborn stains, there is a simple and natural stain remover that everyone can make at home: half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of salt. Otherwise, for a deep cleaning “house” spread baking soda on the rust colored rugs, let act 1 hour then rub with a broom brush for 5 to 10 min.

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