Simple Steps Of Repairing Diy Closet Island In Walk In Closet

Tall Diy Closet Island

For diy closet island project, starting with remove all divisions from the closet. Sand the paint on the doors to ensure the adherence of the new color that we will apply. Paint the interior of the closet and the doors. For a good assembly, affirm the cuts with squares. Leave the verticals 1.5 cm behind, to put the bars that will fix the modules to the wall.

After that, countersink the wood to hide the heads of the wood screws. Apply cold glue on the edges. Also fix the tables with screws. With a spatula put retape pasta in the fixings and the edges. Sand the surface to eliminate imperfections. Apply primer to improve adhesion. And then paint the modules with enamel in water. For the modules diy closet island to be removable, we will fix them with bars cut at 45º.

Fix the half of the shelf upwards and with 1/4 “screws the bar on the back of the module. The bar that is fixed to the wall must be 1 cm less wide to have slack and the furniture is well settled. Fix your last to the wall with plugs and screws. Set a spirit level when installing the bars so that they are straight. Assemble, finally the shelves diy closet island on the doors and the wall.

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