Simple Caring Large Shag Area Rugs

Dark Large Shag Area Rugs

Soda is recommended to sprinkle it on the large shag area rugs for a dry cleaning and then vacuum it. In general, if you have grease stains after cleaning them dry you can use a neutral detergent and dry them with absorbent paper or a clean white cloth. For other stains such as coffee after drying with a sponge, apply a neutral detergent mixed with mild vinegar and warm water, drying with a clean cloth.

The mud stains after it is dry is cleaned with a water mixture 3 parts and a of ammonia clarifying it later with lukewarm water and letting it dry. Keeping your large shag area rugs with treatments of cleanings of the stains that can be caused you will have some carpets truly as new whenever you remove the stains immediately that are produced to clean them with greater ease.

The carpets must be rotated from time to time so that they remain in their original shape. If the carpet has crushed hair, as a result of the weight of the furniture, you should support a hot iron in that place, placing a damp cloth between the large shag area rugs and the iron. Immediately lift the hair by passing a brush against the grain.

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