Patio Panel Pet Door

Small Patio Panel Pet Door

Patio Panel – The pet patio panel is actually a pet door that is portable and super convenient for homeowners who prefer to have their pet come and go via their sliding door to their patio. You can train your cats to use this door as well. It is a pet door that is designed to be installed into the frame of an existing patio sliding door, making it perfect for people living in an apartment. It is durable and will last, and best of all it saves you from having cut holes into doors or walls.

Pet patio panel doors are specially made panels that are designed to look as though it was part of your patio door. Instead of cutting holes into the glass, or wall, you simply insert this panel. They come pre fitted with the size of pet door you need, and installation is a breeze. You simply place the panel into the tracks of your patio door, tighten a couple of screws and you’re done! Now your patio sliding door will close right to the panel pet door, leaving an un-obstructed pet door for your pet.

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Many homes or apartments are limited as to where they can install a pet door. For many, their patio sliding door is the only option. This is why the pet patio panel door is so popular. So when you’re not around you dog is able to get out through the day whenever they need to. You can find the pet patio panel door at most pet supply stores and you can also find and order it online. It may take your dog a bit of time to get accustomed to using the pet patio panel door but in no time at all they are going to start really enjoying it.

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