Lighted Closet Rod Ideas

Amazing Lighted Closet Rod

Lighted closet rod – Much of the space in many closets is wasted. One way to make a closet efficiency is to place two hanging rods in the wardrobe, doubling hanging space. However, you must place hanging rods at the right height to take full advantage of the event.

Determine how wide

If you choose to place two hanging rods in your lighted closet rod, the first decision is to make the width of the lower bar. Find out if the lower bar will be extended to the entire width of the wardrobe or just a part of the road. This determination will rest if the wardrobe will need to hold dresses or long rocks.

Gender Differences

A man’s closet can probably hold two full width hanging rods. Most men’s shirts and jackets only stretch to a maximum of 38 inches when hung up. Men’s pants stretch only 27 inches on average when folded over a gallows. Women’s dresses, however, on average 68 inches when hung up. Therefore, if you plan to hang lighted closet rod or long rocks in the wardrobe, at least part of the hanging space should be uninterrupted from above hanging rod in the floor. This will mean using a partial width hanging rod for the lower rack.

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