How To Repair Sliding Glass Patio Door Wheels

Patio Door Wheels Ideas

Patio Door Wheels – When the wheels are slid on sliding doors in a glass patio, the doors become increasingly difficult to slide and can even bounce their frame. To have doors that slide again easily, you have to replace the wheels on the slid able unit.

Remove patio doors before installing new patio door wheels. On the most sliding glass doors, the stationary door must be removed before the moving door can slide out. Do not forget how heavy glass doors can be – you should have at least one other person to help you. Remove the slid able device by removing the two screws holding it in place. This should remove not only the slid able device but also the entire bottom of the frame as these screws usually hold both pieces in place. Gently snap the frame with a rubber stick if it is stuck.

Remove the patio door wheels from the sliding device and go to the hardware store for new ones that match. It is recommended that you replace both wheels while saving extra wear on new ones and helping outweigh future repairs. Place the new rollers on the sliding device and adjust them so that they are all the way up in the device. Do this by turning the screw clockwise. Place the doors back on the frame and see how well the door is rolling. Adjust the rollers until the door slides back and forth easily.

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