How To Perfume Reclaimed Wood Armoire

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Armoire

When the hygienic conditions of drawers and cabinets will be enviable, you can start preparing DIY perfumers. To perfume reclaimed wood armoire, you can prepare home-made deodorants based on dried herbs or essential oils. The fastest way to perfume armoire sees the addition of dried lavender flowers and collected in bunches. They are also beautiful to look at, especially if hung up on clothes hangers.

Simply gather lavender flowers, form bunch to adorn with ribbons and prepare them in the rooms to be perfumed. Another classic remedy to perfume reclaimed wood armoire includes the composition of a potpourri of dried flowers. Both the bunches of lavender and the potpourri must be regenerated every 2-3 months with the complete substitution or with the addition of a few drops of perfumed essential oils.

Essential oils are perfect for those looking for different reclaimed wood armoire fragrances than usual. You can choose from the freshest fragrances such as eucalyptus, mint, and cedar or tea tree oil. To more classic perfumes such as the essence of orange, lemon and jasmine. Essential oils are very widespread in aroma therapy. And their use as household air fresheners could have positive implications on the mood of those who live in the house.

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