How To Make Custom Closet Doors

Great Custom Closet Doors

Creating custom closet doors is a perfect solution to integrate the interior doors of a house in the decoration, as they can usually be a bit bland. Therefore, in this case with new air to the smooth interior door in a fast and simple, using very few materials: some pieces of DM, methacrylate and a glaze with metallic finish.  To change the appearance of the door we will use a piece of tablex, a very flexible material that is usually used for the back of many cabinets. It is a very economical and easy to handle material.

You can also add a porthole to the custom closet doors, which you will make with a piece of DM and methacrylate. The first thing you can do is draw some circles, both in the piece of DM and in the piece of methacrylate, with the help of a compass. You can also mark half a circle on the tablex. Next, you clamped the pieces to the table with jaws and cut them with the jigsaw and a special blade for curved cuts in wood and methacrylate.

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Make custom closet doors, when you are going to cut the inside of the frame of the bull’s-eye, if you do not have a direct insertion sheet as it is your case, you will have to make a hole to insert it and be able to perform the emptying. The next step will be to make some holes in the piece of DM, where you will introduce some screws as decorative motifs, to imitate the porthole of a boat.