How To Convert Wine Closet

Addition Wine Closet

Wine closet – If you love wine and have an extra wardrobe that is not used, rotate wasted space into a wine cellar. You can convert almost all rooms in your house to a wine cellar with the right insulation and elements. If you have little experience in this area, you may need to hire a professional to complete some of your wine cellar conversion, but with the right tools and knowledge.


Clean everything out of the wine closet, including shelves, bars and other items currently in the room. Remove any lists from the walls with a coot, if required. Install an air conditioner or chiller and thermostat for your new wine cellar according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Measure all surfaces in your wardrobe, including walls, ceilings and floors, with a tape measure. Cut pieces from 1 1/2 inch thick rigid foam insulation plates to fit each surface using a matt knife. Use a control detector to find the rules in the walls. Use a drill to screw the insulation to the walls of the wardrobe on the controls.

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Stretch 9-mil plastic foil close to hard foam insulation. Tape and nail it into place. Cut away unnecessarily with a utility knife. This creates a vapor barrier for the room and helps control the humidity. Apply plaster over the plastic. Measure the wine closet again with a tape measure. Cut gypsum boards to size to fit walls and ceilings. Screw plaster into place. Tape corners and seams with plaster tape. Cover the holes and the band with a thin layer of gypsum cement compound. Sand the surface. Paint the walls.