How To Clean And Care Navy Shag Rug

Amazing Navy Shag Rug

Navy shag rug – Whether your hairy rug is a large rug, a large room that covers most of your floor, or a smaller rug in front of your bed or a sofa, a furry rug provides depth and interest to a room. Even though maintaining the long fibers of a furry carpet requires more effort than a normal short pile carpet, the effort will be paid with a luxurious carpet that continues to add warmth and style to your home for many years.

Take your outdoor navy shag rug and give it a good shake to remove dust and loose debris. Hold one end of the rug and give it several signature shakes, then hold the other end of the carpet and repeat. Largest vacuum, size of a room lint carpets at least once a week. Brush set of the vacuum cleaner at the highest level so that the fibers will not be damaged or trapped in the brush. As an alternative, use the hose and the fixing upholstery of your vacuum cleaner.

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Sweep your largest navy shag rug several times each week using a hard broom or a rake created specifically for lint carpets. A quick sweep will prevent the long fibers from turning into puree, and will also prevent the dirt from becoming deep embedded in the carpet.