How To Add Chalk Paint Armoire

Red Chalk Paint Armoire

Chalk paint armoire – You may like what you have, but want to add color or a new look to your interior design system. Laminated wood furniture is pressed wood with a plastic wood-grain or single-colored vinyl layer over pressed wood. Laminated wood can be painted with careful attention to preparation for painting. Paint your laminated armoire with an accent color that matches or places interest in your home without spending a lot of money. With some basic necessities, you can add instant style without immediate hit to your budget. . Add a punch of color to your home today with a laminated freshly painted armoire


Remove items from your armoire. Drag the chalk paint armoire away from the wall. Place newspapers under and around the armoire. Remove hardware from armoire. You can choose to paint over the hardware instead of removing it. Remove abrasive dust with a clean cloth. Evacuation will ensure that paint sticks in lamination. Paint your armoire. Begin with the inside of the armoire. Paint from the top of the armoire to the bottom of the armoire.

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Check your work for color drops. Paint the paint drops to smooth the paint and remove the drip. Use even-stride color to add a professional design to your chalk paint armoire. Allow drying time between paint layers. Let your armoire color dry thoroughly. Inspect the armoire for full color coverage. Touch-up all areas that may need more color. Replace the existing hardware; be careful not to scratch the newly painted surface. Remove newspapers and pull your newly painted laminated armoire back into place.

Tips and warnings

Tape around hardware instead of removing it. Create a new look with different hardware. Prime your armoire according to the manufacturer’s instructions.