Fresh And Clean Feeling Gray Shag Area Rug

Dark Gray Shag Area Rug

Some design decisions are difficult. Choosing a rug is it. Options such as fabric, size, material, shape and more are enough to make your head spin. But there is a way in which you can make this process a little easier: Regardless of what you do, go for the gray shag area rug. It is the most neutral. Because gray is a mixture of black and white, with little or no specific color hue, it is the most neutral tone possible, which means that you can anchor absolutely any color combination.

Notice how the room with gray shag area rug has a strong presence of blue, even though only a few accessories have the blue color. The gray makes the colors stand out, while giving a fresh and clean feeling, so you can play with accents like the cushions. Trends come and go, but gray is a color that never goes out of style.

It is essential for cold colors. Pale blue, acid green, purple, among others … the cold colors play perfectly with the gray color, while those same colors can come into conflict with warm tones, such as beige, sand or brown. For those who like a fresh contemporary palette (and are afraid of white maintenance), a gray shag area rug is a must-have.

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