Classy Look Black Shag Rug

Black Shag Rug 3D

Black shag rug – The carpets are warm, they help us to remove the cold from the ground, and also allow us to break the monotony of a room by giving them the touch they lacked. Smooth, with geometric shapes, craftsmanship or large signatures, bright colors, or soft tones, carpets help us customize each room to adapt to our tastes and our needs. For that reason, and in order to inspire you and put at least one rug in your life.

Today we have prepared a selection of ideas to combine rugs with different rooms , furniture and styles, to add a touch of color to your home. In minimalist houses, or with Nordic decoration in which white is the absolute protagonist, using black shag rug color allows us to break with the monochrome and give it an elegant touch.

We love to combine. The bag with the shoes, the jacket with the tie, the curtains with the sofas … And why not, you can also combine black shag rug with some of the paintings you have in the living room or in the bedroom to break with the rest of room colors. And if combining the colors of the carpet with the tonalities of a painting is a good idea, you can also combine the carpet with the color of the lamps .

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