Blue Rug Living Room Ideas

Modern Blue Rug Living Room

Blue rug living room – Placing a rug under the carpet is a smart way to keep your rug clean. It can also prevent the pile of your rug from being worn prematurely. In addition to the practical benefit of placing a mat on top of the mat, it can also change aesthetics a room, to introduce new texture and color. Despite its advantages, simply putting a rug under the carpet can be more of a hurdle than a help. If a carpet is in a confined space, it can get wrinkled, cause slip-ups or catch doors when they open and close. There are different ways, however, to install a rug over the carpet and keep it problem free.


Turn the blue rug living room to a flat surface so that the underside is facing upwards. Apply double-sided tape on one side of the carpet, which means that approximately a 1-inch gap between the tape and the edge of the carpet. Cut the tape at the edge of the carpet. Apply the other three sides of the carpet until the entire edge of the carpet has been taped. If the carpet is in a circular pattern, cut four-inch pieces of tape and overlap around the edge of the carpet to create a tee pad boundary.

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Blue rug living room where you plan to install the carpet. Withdraw support of the tape so that the remaining sticky side up is exposed. Put the mat carefully over the carpeted area where you want to install the carpet. Adjust until it is in the correct position. Press the mat down along the edges with your hand until it is firmly in place.